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Saturday, May 14th 10am - 3pm

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  • 7S. Backroads Junk

  • 8S. Berly & Blake

  • 9S. Olive Place

  • 10S. I'd Rather Knot

  • 11S. Watch Your Head Woodworking

  • 12S. Tailored & Handmade

  • 13S. Fern Moonie Collective

  • 14S. Mulberry Fiber Studio

  • 15S. Hand Me Down

  • 16S. Amy's Creations

  • 17S. Iowa Beard Co.

  • 18S. Hole Food

  • 19S. Beauts By Bailey

  • 20S. JW Designs

  • 21S. House On The Hill

  • 22S. Tinsel & Resin

  • 23S. Taylor Made Goods

  • 24S. Simply Stitches

  • 25S. Flannel Feather

  • 26S. Cedar Shake Farms

  • 27N. Paisley Rose Boutique

  • 28N. Three Little Birds Marketplace

  • 29N. Amorcito Baked Goods & Sweet Treats

  • 30N. Kathy Bassett

  • 31N. 2nd Generation Antiques

  • 32N. Woosah Candle Co.

  • 33N. Goodenberger Stock Farms

  • 34N. Gnomes For All Occasions

  • 35N. Farmhouse Expressions

  • 36N. Simply Emily

  • 37N. Cowboy Twist Pretzels (mini-maker)

  • 38N. Champion Steaks

  • 39NF. Miss Mae's Bakery

  • 40NF. Sooks Korean Kitchen

  • 41NF. The Little Green Trailer

  • 42NF. ASP Funnel Cakes

Meet our mini-makers
These makers are between the ages of 5-16 and we cannot wait for them to showcase their talents and hard work.

  1. Lents Sisters (mini-maker)

  2. Lents Sisters (mini-maker)

  3. Gluten Free by G (mini-maker)

  4. Stella Sparks Candles (mini-maker)

  5. Portraits and More by Leona (mini-maker)

  6. Scarlett's Sweet Treats (mini-maker)


Check out the intersection of Maple & Montgomery St. for a full day of entertainment from local dance studios, local talent and visiting artist ~ Jager White from 1-3pm

  • 43W. The Crossing

  • 44W. Mazie's Mobile Shop

  • 45W. Harp & Bud Designs

  • 46W. Small Town Customs

  • 47W. Anson's Wood Creations

  • 48W. Boo's Crafting Corner

  • 49W. A&A Rocks

  • 50W. TJC Designs

  • 51W. Kingwood Farm

  • 52W. Miss Elainious

  • 53W. Clay & Oil

  • 54E. My Backyard Shop

  • 55E. Daily Flair Boutique

  • 56E. The Crib

  • 57E. Ferris Pottery

  • 58E. Crafty Sisters

  • 59E. Railroad St. Yarn

  • 60E. Denton Soapery

  • 61E. Robin's Unique Boutique

  • 62E. Norman Creations

  • 63EF. Kate's Kookies

  • 64EF. Totally Rolled Ice Cream

  • 65EF. The Snack Barn