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Meet Ethan Pitt

Driven by my passion to help others, I've had the opportunity to work in many diverse environments with many diverse people. Numbers and data create the foundation for my projects. I benchmark my findings to the wisdom and experience of other experts and those I admire. I am a rationale optimist.

Economics, Financial Forecasting, and Digital Marketing are my technical areas of expertise. Listening and empowering others are my social areas of expertise and the pride of my work.


Ethan Pitt

Regional Director
Phone: 641-782-1483
Fax: 641-782-1334

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Entrepreneurial Services Partnership
  • Financing Opportunities

  • Strategic Planning

  • Cash Flow Projections

  •  Waste Reduction

  • Accounting & Quick Books

  • Loan Proposal Assistance

  • Leadership Development Support

The Union County Development Association has partnered with the South Central Iowa Small Business Development Center to provide a variety of entrepreneurial services to members and non-members of The Roundhouse with a mission to inspire and harness the entrepreneurial talent in UC, so locally owned businesses can flourish and add to the economic well-being of the area.  Services include:

  • Writing a Business Plan

  • Business Continuity Plan

  • Human Resource Management

  • Export Assistance

  • Business Growth Strategies

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Business Site Location Assistance

  • Market Planning

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