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Connect With Us


Connecting with a community takes so much more than having a place to work or go to school. UCDA is committed to helping you make lasting connections with community members on both a professional and social level. We truly believe that a connected community is a thriving community!

Area Business Coffee

Join us on Friday mornings as we venture to different businesses to connect with our community and learn all about what is going on.

Union County Young Professionals

This organization is compromised of young individuals with the desire to share their tools and leadership skills to become more connected within their community as well as creating a culture they hope to be a part of.

Fridays After Five

Kick off your weekend with live music and cold drinks at FAF! Head to the Elks Lodge to hear a new musician each week and support local non-profits for only $5/person. It is family friendly and a great networking opportunity for anyone new to the community.

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