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Meet The Team


Mindy Stalker

Executive Director

Imagine a world where neighbors become friends, ideas spark action, and everyone feels empowered to make a difference. That's the kind of magic I strive for! By day, I'm a community cheerleader, wrangling residents, businesses, and local do-gooders into a well-oiled collaboration machine. Think epic Uptown events, vibrant murals, and initiatives that make you shout, "Heck yeah, this is MY town!"

I'm also a leadership facilitator, helping hidden potential blossom into full-blown superhero status for both area high school students and adults. Through workshops I equip folks with the skills and confidence to flex their own personal revolutions. So, if you're looking for a spark of inspiration or a nudge to become your community's next rockstar, let's connect! Together, we can turn "wouldn't it be cool if..." into a resounding "We did it!"

I'm a passionate advocate for positive change, and that means I wear many hats (metaphorically, of course). Here are some of the amazing boards I serve on:

PDI - Heartland - Southwest Iowa Coalition - IDM Advisory Board - SBDC Advisory Board - Greater Connections Childhood Development Center Board - Union County Fair Board.


Lastly, I am the chaos coordinator for my two children, CT and Marlee and occasionally my husband, TJ too. We enjoy cheering on the kids in their extracurricular activities and the Iowa Hawkeyes.


Chloe is likely the first friendly face you will see when you enter our office! She handles our marketing and communication efforts. Chloe is a Corning, Iowa native and graduated from SWCC & Northwest Missouri State University. She has always enjoyed being involved in her community. She is a Lead UC 2023 graduate, and she is also on the Union County Young Professionals Planning Committee.

Chloe stays busy with her photography business and chasing her one year old daughter, Ellie. We are an office divided as Chloe is a Cyclones fan.

Chloe Thompson

Marketing Coordinator

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