Lead UC

Our Mission & Vision

Lead UC challenges individuals in all sectors of the community to build capacity for identification of local issues, engagement in positive community change and shared leadership.

This initiative will increase community vitality through leadership, engagement and diversity.

At UCDA, we have spent over 10 years partnering with our local businesses to help them encourage leadership in their workplace and community.

Nominations Must Be Received By September 30th To Be Eligible For Next Year's Class


Applications Must Be Received By November 1st To Be Eligible For Next Year's Class

David Marroquin

Class of 2018

"developing a leadership culture creates a stronger community"


  • Enhance personal leadership skills and education.

  • Develop our regional community by learning how to support a healthy ecosystem, a vital economy and expand on inclusion of all residents.

  • Focus on the natural, cultural, human, social, financial, political and built resources of our regional community.

  • Create a sustainable grassroots forum to identify local issues, engage positive change and initiate leadership in organizations and communities.

  • Bridge social networks and embrace the diversity of our regional community.

Leadership Looks Good On You!


Participant Benefits

  • Polish personal leadership skills.

  • Understand key regional community trends and issues.

  • Create an upward spiral of community development with practical knowledge.

  • Meet in different areas of the county and participate in learning tours.

  • Expand professional and social networks to new community members.

  • Refine communication and facilitation skills.

Community Benefits

  • Create a corps of informed leaders.

  • Build positive collaboration for community development.

  • Engage citizens in community issues and provide grassroots input.

Business Benefits

  • Enhance team building skills.

  • Connect employees to local decision makers.

  • Increase overall employee networks.

  • Improve employees understanding of key community trends from various perspectives.