Update Uptown

The report below summarizes the observations and recommendations resulting from an Iowa Downtown Resource Center Assessment conducted in Creston. In preparation of this report, the Team learned about Creston’s development history and plans for future development. The Assessment Team’s familiarization process began with a review of materials supplied prior to the visit, a pre-visit survey with a sample of 124 returned surveys, a driving tour of the city and a walking tour of the downtown commercial district. The intensive three-day visit also included interviews with approximately 100 community leaders, individuals and groups representing the public and private sectors and a community meeting. Based upon these activities and the Assessment Team’s extensive working knowledge in downtown economic development, this report summarizes their findings and recommendations for Creston. Click on the pdf button to read the full report.

The video to the right was produced using images from architect, David Marroquin,  highlighting potential improvements for Creston's Uptown District. 

Union County Development Association

BLDG 301 

301 W Montgomery

Creston, Iowa 50801